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Massage Therapy in Indianapolis, IN

Massage Therapy in Indianapolis, IN

Holistic Terra offers a variety of styles, techniques and types of massages, such as deep tissue and Swedish massage. Your massage therapy in Indianapolis, IN, could include forms of alternative medicine to relieve tension around your body. A variety of enhancements, such as aromatherapy, could be provided to enhance your massage.

Licensed Massage Therapist in Indianapolis, IN

Journey Through Modalities

Embark on a journey of massage techniques from around the world with this special massage. This is a client favorite, offered in sessions of 90 and 120 minutes. It incorporates various techniques I have mastered for more than a decade, including Thai, hot stone, and lomi lomi.  $195/250

A Different Kind of Swedish

Reward yourself with a Swedish massage after a long day! This increases stimulation on the topmost layers of your body. A Swedish massage also restores overworked muscles and gives you peace of mind. This massage is perfect for athletes or people who suffer from anxiety. I can also use firm pressure upon request. A Swedish Pure Relaxation massage is offered in sessions of 60-90 minutes. $95/115

Digging Deep into the Problem

If you are feeling stressed, tired, or burdened, consider having a Deep Tissue massage. This releases chronic tension in the muscles, tendons, and fascia. Deep Tissue is also a form of Trigger Point Massage where certain areas, such as the knots in your muscles, are worked out. This massage targets the myofascial areas of the body.

60/90/120 Minutes    $110/165/200

Ready for Motherhood

The Maternity Massage is best suited for expecting mothers. I recognize that each mother is different, so the therapy can be done at any stage of your pregnancy. I'll make sure you are ready before going into labor.

Reduce Anxiety | Release Muscle Tension | Decrease Symptoms of Depression

90 Minutes              $125

Swedish Massage in Indianapolis, IN